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Lake In The Hills Airport (3CK), Lake In The Hills IL.


Welcome to the website of the Lake in the Hills chapter of the Experimental Aircraft Association 


Our Next Event - Chapter Members Meeting, Lake In The Hills Airport, Tuesday, August 27

We'll be meeting back in our usual location in the airport office.  We continue this month with burgers and dogs on the grill starting around 6:15, with the formal meeting beginning at 7:00.

We will be joined by Eddie Ranieri and his family. Eddie will be applying to the chapter and EAA for a Ray Scholarship (see home page), and so will be speaking to us about his aviation ambitions. Also joining us will be Megan Pranczke, Megan is the Young Eagle who won the Air Academy raffle we held earlier this year, and she will hopefully share her thoughts and experiences from that adventure.

Also, time permitting, Tom Solar will give a presentation on the new ICAO flight plan general aviation. 


Chapter 790 Approved For Ray Scholarship Submission

Effective August, 2019, our chapter has been approved to submit a candidate for the Ray Aviation Scholarship program. 

Scholar headsets provided by:   Lightspeed 

The Ray Aviation Scholarship Fund is a scholarship program that is supported by the Ray Foundation, managed by EAA, and administered through the EAA Chapter network. Through the generous support of the Ray Foundation, EAA will provide up to $10,000 to deserving youths for their flight training expenses, totaling $1,000,000 in scholarships annually.

Due to the critical nature of the local chapter to the success of this program, chapters interested in participating in the program must be prequalified by EAA through an application process. 

The Ray Aviation Scholarship is supported by the Ray Foundation. To learn more about James C. Ray and the Ray Foundation, click here


Chapter 790 Has A New Mailing Address

Effective immediately, all dues and other correspondence should be addressed to our new post office box in Crystal Lake. Our old address in Barrington was discontinued on 3/28/19.

Our new address is P. O. Box 685, Crystal Lake IL, 60039-0685.

All mail sent to the Barrington address will be forwarded to our new address in Crystal Lake.


2019 Youth In Aviation Scholarship Awarded to Riley Conroy

The $1,000 flight Training Scholarship was awarded to Riley Conroy. Riley makes his home in Cary and has completed his private license through Blue Skies. His goal is to be an airline pilot. Riley will be attending ATP school in Mesa, Az. The Scholarship funds will be paid directly to the Flight Training facility Riley has chosen. This scholarship is funded by our annual Pancake Breakfast. Congratulations Riley!

The Air Academy Scholarship has been reserved for an applicant to be determined at a later date.


News You Can Use


Do you still need to add ADS-B capability to your aircraft? The rebate is BACK! Per the latest FAAST Blast:

"The FAA is offering $500 rebates to owners of fixed-wing, single-engine piston aircraft with the purchase of avionics that have received an ADS-B Technical Standard Order authorization and meet ADS-B Out requirements. The program ends 10/11/19 or when all rebates have been claimed. For step-by-step instructions on how to reserve, validate, and claim your ADS-B rebate, read the FAA Safety Briefing article “Show Me the $$” at: You can read this and more ADS-B related articles in our Jan/Feb 2019 issue at". 

Tom LeGates 5/14/19 

Do you ever wonder if you ADS-B unit's performance is up to snuff? If you would like to verify that your ADS-B installation is working correctly, you can obtain a free performance report on your ADS-B signal from the following website:

Tom LeGates  3/6/18

On our monthly fly-out in November to Watertown, WI, we discovered the Perkins restaurant adjacent to the airport is closed. There is a nice restaurant called 'The Spot' which is about 1 mile north on RT 26. In nice weather a nice walk from the airport, or use the crew car if available.

Tom LeGates  11/27/17

From Ole 6/20/2017......

I flew to Milwaukee’s Timmerman Airport today with George Haupt and George Roby.

The FBO there now charges a $ 10 parking fee, - they call it Ramp Fee – this is new, never did that before.  The fee is waived if you buy at least 10 gallons of fuel.  Present price is 4.28 per gallon.



Recent Chapter Activities

Here are a few of the most recent activities our chapter has been involved in. (MORE)


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Chapter: EAA 790

President: Paul Ranieri

Location: Lake In The Hills Airport (3CK) 

8407 Pyott Rd

Lake In The Hills, Illinois


U.S Mail: EAA Chapter 790, PO Box 685, Crystal Lake IL 60039-0685 

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