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Lake In The Hills Airport (3CK), Lake In The Hills IL.


Welcome to the website of the Lake in the Hills chapter of the Experimental Aircraft Association 


Our Next Event - Members Meeting, May 23

The meeting will be held at the Lake In The Hills Airport office.  This month thru October, food will be available from the grill starting at 6:00. Business meeting and speaker will begin at 7.

Or speaker will be Paul Wallem, who has been based on Poplar Grove Airport (C77) since 1973. He was co-founder of the Vintage Wings and Wheels Museum ( which opened in 2003. His PowerPoint presentation will describe the Museum, its 1927-1938 architecture, the events planned for 2017 and the Curtiss JN4-D Jenny the Museum is building in partnership with our local EAA chapter 1414.

His book PRIVATE WINGS was introduced during AirVenture 2016. The Civil Air Patrol will provide copies to their summer encampment teenagers throughout all 50 states.

Paul has used his eight airplanes in his businesses, and will talk briefly about the book.


Breakfast Flyouts A Success, Dates Are Changing

The Chapter fly-outs for breakfast has been a success; the last one to Madison was attended by 16 people arriving in 6 airplanes. We had these fly-outs scheduled for the first Saturday of each month, but in May we start up again with Young Eagles for those dates. Therefore we are moving the fly-outs to the third Saturday of each month and it will stay that way even after the YE activity stops for the winter.


Scholarshop Opportunities Announced for 2017!

EAA Chapter 790 is offering two scholarships for Youth in Aviation. One is a $1,000 scholarship paid directly to a certified flight training facility and the other is a two or three day Aviation Camp in Oshkosh, Wisconsin EAA Air Academy in June or July. Applicants to submit a written one page essay on why they are interested in Aviation and their Aviation objectives. A Chapter 790 Scholarship committee will review the essays and inform the lucky winners. You must be 12 to 19 years of age and with the consent of a parent or guardian. It must be typed double spaced using 12-point font. Please have at least 3 para-graphs to your paper; introduction, body and conclusion. Use focus and any relevant evidence to support your ideas. Use conventional standard written English. Ideal candidates should be well rounded, have a high school GPA of at least 2.00 on a 4.0 scale, be involved in school and community activities, as well as have a proven interest in aviation.

Please provide 2 references along with your paper.

Submit your application by May 15th to:

Paul Ranieri-President EAA Chapter 790

P.O. Box 1206

Barrington, IL. 60011


Recent Chapter Activities

Here are a few of the most recent activities our chapter has been involved in. (MORE)


Sponsorship Opportunity - Help support our scholarship winner Drew Bryant

Drew visited with us at our December pot-luck and provided an update on his progress toward his goal of becoming a missionary pilot. He is working on his private license, while also pursuing Bible training, and is in need of funds to continue his education. (MORE)


President's Message.....

Happy New Year Chapter 790!  2016 Has been a very successful year for us with a lot of positive changes.  I would like to take the welcoming of 2017 as an opportunity to look back and celebrate all of the hard work we have done and highlight our accomplishments.   Starting with our Youth in aviation, we have hosted six YE rallies flying over 330 children and also sent two chapter family members to EAA summer camp. The Oshkosh summer camps are a great way to immerse children in aviation and I am hopeful that more members nominate relatives as I suspect we will be offering this opportunity again in the future.  We closed out our youth in aviation efforts with a free pizza dinner for all those who helped including the CAP participants. Kudos to Bud Herod and Rob Nelson for all they have done in this area, thank you.

Next is our annual banquet where we had a great time at Millrose restaurant last February.  We will be hosting this years banquet at Crystal Lake Country Club and due to the great success of our pancake breakfast and sponsorship drive, 790 will be subsidizing over 50% of the bill for members and their guest.  On the subject of food, we have continued our tradition of the pre-meeting BB'Q in the summer months and in 2017 will be waiving the fee for members and guests in favor of a voluntary donation.

We have been very successful with membership attendance at our monthly meetings and it is very important that this remains.  We will continue do our best to make the meetings interesting, comfortable and on-time. I would request from all members that if you have a suggestion or something you would like to see at these meetings please let me know; we are open to new ideas for meeting activities and speakers.  On the subject of member meetings, Ole has set-up monthly breakfast fly-outs for the first Saturday of the months that we do not fly Young Eagles.  The first breakfast was at Lake Lawn Lodge and was a huge success. Please keep an eye on the website for these and other fly-out destinations from B-29 restorations to AirZoos as there is always something on the horizon at 790.

2016 was an election year for 790 and one of my goals as president was to recognize the term limits stated in our bylaws. As a result, we have some new people in leadership positions and some prior leaders in new positions. Please welcome our new leadership team which is Rob Nelson as VP, Tom Solar as Secretary, Tom LeGates as Treasurer, myself as President and Ole, Ron and Lon as Board Members.  I believe that we have a great and energized team that will serve 790 well in 2017/2018. I would like to acknowledge the members who served on the leadership team in the past and built 790 into what it is today, thank you.

Our upcoming February board meeting will be primarily about setting the goals and calendar for the year so I urge all members to attend as all Board meetings are open and listed on the website. As always feel free to contact me if you have any issues or suggestions you would like the board to consider but can not attend the meeting in person.  Lastly, this month is our membership registration and thanks to Tom LeGates hard work, we can now register and pay our dues online and remember, if you know someone who is interested in attending our banquet, their membership dues would essentially be free due to the reduced banquet price so let folks know. 

Again, Happy New Year and thank you to all in the 790 family and let's make 2017 the best and safest year ever. 

 Best Regards,

 Paul Ranieri

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, May 23 at 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Saturday, Jun 3 at 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Tuesday, Jun 6 at 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Tuesday, Jun 6 at 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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  • Chapter President:  Paul Ranieri
  • Phone:  (847) 997-0135
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